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Living in a house filled with dyslexic gals my hubby must be a saint! Many differences touch my heart and when they do I will create something in their honor and will always donate a part of the funds to research.
Whether it is dyslexia, cancer of all kinds, autism or other differences that effect each of us I try my best to do what little I can to make a difference.

Both of my girls were blessed to find Scottish Rite Hospital here in Dallas where they were taught to read in the way they could learn. My best friend is an Angel working with Austic children in the Dallas School District and she connected me to Austim Speaks.

Cancer has touched my families' life so much in the past year. My father in law passed away from Liver Cancer and my oldest sister was recently diagnosed with skin cancer. We are very blessed to say her amazing doctors at Medical City got it ALL the very first time they found it.

If you have an awareness cause you would like something created for just drop me a line. Myself... I live with the Three Ds...deafness, dyslexia and many disablities that give me reason to make a BIG D ...Difference!

Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Shweet Potato Doll
Hope is made from a light tea stained muslin. Her face is hand painted and her hair is pink lumpy bump yarn. My husband said she looks like Cotton Candy to him. Hope is wearing bloomers made from a pink white checked cotton fabric with mini pink ribbons on it. Her dress is made from a brighter pink fabric with large pink ribbons printed on it. Both fabrics are official breast cancer fabrics and proceeds from the actually fabric purchase went to breast cancer research. Hope has white vintage lace at her collar and waist. This original doll has hand painted legs and measures 13 1/2 inches tall.Please remember all our creations are for collectors ages 14 and older and are made for Collectors and to love NEVER TO PLAY WITH. This doll has been signed and dated on her bum and is an OOAK Doll.This doll can be created in any fabric, skin and hair tone. Just email me.
Price - $35.00

Awareness Flying Fairy Shweet Potato Doll
This is an original ©Shweet Potato Doll created from graphics from Carm with Shweet Potato Designs and with her permission.The doll shown is an example of our Flying Fairy. YOU choose the color or awareness you want created and we will create the fairy special for you. If you do not see a color you need just email us.In the example... The pink fairy is made from the offical breast cancer awareness fabric for her dress and star. Her face, arms and legs are created from tea stained muslin. Her face is hand painted in that shweet style and she has pink yarn for hair. This fairy's wings are made from pink and white dotted fabric.Her legs are hand painted in shades of pink...of course.She is a tad hard to measure as she is always flying around bring good health and blessing but she seems to be about 11 inches long and 7 inches tall. She does have a hanger on the back of her wings if you want to keep her in one spot.She is made to collect or give to that special nurse, doctor, survivor or loved one living through this time. We hope she will bring many positive blessings into your life. Remember you can pick the awarness or colors you want this fairy created in and also the skin tones from the drop down menu. Please give us time to create your fairy before shipping.Remember she is for ages 13 and older and not a toy.

Price - $25.00

©Shweet Potato Awareness Angel
This doll is an original Shweet Potato Doll & is created using a graphic by Carm with ©Shweetpotato Designs. Carm created this graphic to honor a friend of our's who is fighting a batter with Cancer. My friend Nutt is so inspiring to me and everyone she meets. Because of Nutt and her faith and strength I will be donating 50% of the sales from this doll and any custom ordered to Cancer Research. Green is for Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma. The original NUTT ANGEL is on way to cheer up the original Nutt but the picture shown will be the style this doll will be created in. If you want a different hair or dress color just let me know. Nutt Angel is created from tea stained muslin. She measure at 13 inches tall. Her face is hand painted and her hair is red wool yarn. Nutt is wearing a light lime green with dark green dotted cotton dress with green/white checkered bloomers. Her legs have that red painted stripes we have come to love.Nutt is holding a awareness ribbon created from the same fabric as her bloomers. What angel is complete without wings and this One has a set for sure. Her wings are made from warm and natural batting covered with white organza. There are hearts sewn on each wing made from green/white checkered fabric. The wings were stiffen to stand out nice and proud. Nutt will sit (she has a boxed bottom) and she has a hanger on the back of her head for hanging anywhere you need her to be.

Price - $30.00

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