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Awareness Dolls

Shweet Potato Dolls are inspired by graphics from Carm with Sweet Potato Designs. Carm has granted me permission to use her graphics and create a doll and pattern line. Here you will find Dolls and Ornies some based on Carm's Graphics. Each doll is an original Shweet Potato Doll and is copyrighted. You can find some of our patterns here in our shoppe both in paper and e-pattern form. More of our patterns are added as we create them.

Please remember each of our creations is made for collecting and not suitable for children under the age of 14. These are not made to play with but to look at and enjoy.

Shweet Potato Annie Andy Doll Set
Primitive Whimsey Handmade

This cloth doll Raggedy set is made by Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns and you will get both Raggedy Annie and Andy.This Shweet Raggedy Annie is made from tea stained muslin. Her face and legs are hand painted and she has hair made from red cotton yarn. Annie is wearing a dress made from red and navy/white dot fabric. Her bloomers are made from red homespun fabric. Annie is holding an American flag and is made to sit or hang. Annie measures 11 inches tall.You also get Shweet Andy, who is created from tea stained muslin and has a hand painted face and red boots. His hair is made from red cotton yarn. Andy is wearing a pair of blue cotton overalls with a front pocket. Andy has a paper sailor hat on his head. (The only glue is to hold his hat on.) Andy is holding an American flag in his arm that will come out or stay in...You decide. Andy will sit or hang and is almost 13 inches tall.These are Art Dolls, so they are made for ages 13 and older.
Price - $40.00

Primitive Zombie
Handmade Raggedy Cloth Doll

Up for adoption is an original 15 inch Shweet Potato Doll by Sandi . This doll is made from muslin that was stained with walnut ink and baked in the hot Texas sun. Her face is hand painted and she has black chennille yarn for hair. This Shweet Zombie's dress is made from an orange satin fabric with black embossed spiders all over it. she is wearing a collar and *apron* of sorts that is made from a multi striped cotton fabric. Annie has a matching orange bow tacked in her hair. This Zombie's looms are made from black and white dotted cottom fabric. Her leg stripes are black handpainted and she is signed and dated on the back of her head. This Primitive Shweet Potato Zombie Annie has a boxed bottom so she will sit right nicely just about anywhere you want her too. She also has a hanger on the back of her head so she can also *hang around* with ya all year long too. This doll measures a tad over 15 inches tall when hanging around with ya.This is an original Shweet Potato Doll and is the ONLY one created in this doll so she is OOAK or One- of-a-Kind. There are plastic spiders shown in the pictures with this Zombie, They do not come with her. Sadly she scared them all away :) Actually the neighbor's girls loved to come out and visit with *Zombie* when she has her photo shoots and they added the spiders to her pictures, "cause they said all Zombies must have bugs with them. But sadly they took them home with them.This doll is made for collecting and love but not for playing with. My dolls are for ages 13 and older.
Price - $30.00

Shweet Potato Candy Annie Doll
Handmade Primitive Whimsy

This is an original Shweet Potato Doll. Shweet Raggedy Candy Corn Annie is made from kona with hand painted face. Her hair is red and orange yarn hand sewn onto her head. She has a large yellow cotton bow hand sewn onto the top of her head. Her body is made from a collection of different quilting fabrics that I sewed together to create this fun and unique body. Her legs are black and orange cotton fabric. She is made to hang or sit if aided. Annie measures 17 1/2 tall and is my own Shweet design. She is one of a kind.
Price - $29.00

Shweet Potato Skully Annie
Handmade Primitive Whimsy Doll

I love Halloween and I also love so what better skulls so I decided to make up this Shweet Annie with a nod to Monster High before the dolls even came out. Carm created her graphics first and a long time ago I had made one up that was totally different. I decided to fast forward 6 years and re-create Shweet Skully Annie.Shweet Skully Annie measures in at inches tall and is boxed bottomed to sit right nicely anywhere you would like this cute little monster to sit. She is made from***tea stained muslin***, with hand painted features. Her face as well as as her Mary Jane shoes. Her legs are created from black and white printed quilting fabric and I then hand painted shoes over it. Check out the bones that are reflected in her eyes! Her hair is red braided yarn and is hand sewn onto her head. Her dress is a black on black with a with black print (really cool looking up close) cotton print with a white felt skull sewn on. The skull has an orange bow hand sewn on for an accent. Her boomers are as shown in one of the photos... grey with black dots. She is wearing a large orange and cream bow on top of her head made from cotton fabric. The print is a spider web with what else spiders.
Price - $30.00

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