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Mice are all the rage this year and of course we just had to design some of our own Shweet Mice.

See one you like but it has already been adopted? Just drop me a note and I will be happy to create one for you.
Please remember each of our creations is made for collecting and not suitable for children under the age of 14. These are not made to play with but to look at and enjoy.

Primitive Easter Mouse Bunny ArtDoll
This is an original Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns Easter Mouse Bunny ArtDoll. This mouse was created using tea stained muslin. The face is made using black crochet thread for the nose, black glass beads for eyes, makeup for the cheek blush and the whiskers are natural crochet thread. The arms are rusted safety pins and the tail is made from rusty tin wire. On the back you will find both the rusty tin wire tail as wells as a white puff ball.This mouse bunny is sitting inside a fabric egg created from printed quilting fabric. The inside is stuffed with polyfill as well as weighted. You will find a solid Spring green poplin fabric in the top end of the egg. this fabric is created to mimic grass.Since it is Easter and the Easter Bunny needs to deliver eggs so you will find a basket created from quilted muslin that I stained with walnut ink. Inside the basket are handmade green fabrics for stuffing. This doll measures 9 inches tall.
Price - $20.00

Primitive Christmas Mouse Fairy Star Ornament
This is an original Primitive Mouse Fairy Ornament created by Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns. This mouse is made from tea stained muslin, she has hand stitched nose and black glass beads for eyes. Her arms are rusty safety pins with a small ornament attached (small ornament colors & size vary). This Fairy Mouse is standing on a red glittered star and has red glitter poinsettia petals for wings. Her halo is made from a red glittered chenille stem. Rusty wire makes her cute tail. Please pick the colored star (silver or red) which will coordinate with the wing colors. This Mouse measures almost 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide. You can hang her on a tree or she can be a stand alone doll. This ornament will arrived signed and dated.

Price - $18.00

Cupcake Mouse in Vintage Tart Mold PinKeep
This original Cupcake Mouse Doll in a Vintage Mold would be the perfect gift anytime of the year. The mouse is made from tea stained muslin with hand stitched face features and glass beads for eyes. She has pink needle felted wool hair with a blue hair bow. Around her waist you will find a pink apron. Her arms are rusty safety pins.
The cupcake is made from a blue cotton print with white fleece for icing. The cupcake top and icing are glued into a vintage tart mold. This cute 8 inch tall set would be perfect used as a pin keep or just out for little bit of mouse fun. This is a one of a kind item but you can custom order your own in different colors via email.

Price - $20.00

Primitive Turkey Mouse in Rusty Jello Mold Pinkeep
I love Mice! As long as they are handmade and primitives that is. This is an original Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns Fall Mouse made to celebrate Fall.This mouse is made from tea stained muslin with hand stitched nose and glass beads for eyes. this mouse is all hand stitched by me. Her arms are made from rusty wire and her legs are rusty nails. Her tail is made from rusty wire that has been wrapped in brown paper tape with a rusty bell on the tip. She is wearing a stained lace apron. Since she knows lots of folks are scared of mice she decided to hide in plain site as a turkey. LOLHer turkey disguise is made from burlap rusty snowflakes that I cute a part and added to the burlap feathers. She has a red felt wattle. She is sitting on a pumpkin made from homespun fabric with hemp accents. The pumpkin is glued into a rusty jello mold. This entire set can be used as decoration or as a pin keep.She measures 4 1/2 inches not including her tail.Please note I do sell International. If you are interested in this Pinkeep Art Doll, please drop me a line and I will figure out shipping costs for you.
Price - $21.00

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