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If you've always wanted to have your own Website but didn't think you
could afford one, or just didn't have the time to get around to it, we
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Whether you're looking for someone to create a wonderful website for
you, or perhaps you'd like to do your own, djdoodle has just what you're
looking for. djdoodle offers many programs and services to the Craft
Community, such as a fabulous DIY Website Builder and Mini Shoppe for
Crafters looking to create and maintain a website on their own, as well
as affordable web design packages for those folks who don't have the
time to do things on their own and just want a website without the

Reliable services and wonderful customer support are treasures not
easily found on the web these days, but ones which you'll welcome at
djdoodle.com! You'll also find Auction Templates, Photo storage and Auction
Management programs, and a nifty Newsletter program, Search Engine
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and hundreds of web sets in Country, Prim, Whimsical, Folkart, Classic,
Contemporary styles and Much More.

In addition to all these programs and services, djdoodle offers MANY
opportunities online for advertising and exposure to your website
business, such as Country Craft Show Online, Can We Talk Crafts Chat Room,
Crafty Doodles E-Zine, and marketplaces such as Cockadoodle Country Co-Op,
anniedoodle Craft Mall, Crafter Marketplace, Olde Thyme Country Market
and The Olde Barn Primitives...

And don't forget to stop by the djdoodle Craft Community Forum,
djdoodle JUNCTION!

Marketplaces more you thing? Be sure to check out the Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace and Country Fried Primitive Marketplaces. You can find their buttons below. Just click and come stroll the shoppes.

If you create e-Patterns than you need to check out the e-Pattern Shoppe where you can sell your patterns straight from the shoppe and instantly your clients can download their patterns.

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