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What ever the season Shweet Potato Dolls has something special just for you. If you are looking for Bunnies to Santas from Witches to Americana... make sure to stop by this room and see all our new creations.

Gingerbread Man Cloth Doll
Up for adoption for this holiday and all year long is this Fun Whimsical Gingerbread Man created using a pattern by Dolls and Daydreams. He is made from brown cotton fabric with inserts of felt and accents hand painted. He has a red bow tie because he is ready to celebrate the holiday and all year long. This handmade ginger measures 9 inches tall. He is surface washable and created for children ages 3 years and older.... all the way up to 100. What a cute stocking stuffer he would be.
Price - $27.99

Christmas Circus Elephant on Box Art Doll Toy
This Christmas Circus Elephant Art Doll Faux Toy is made from a dotted Christmas fabric. He is wearing a hat made from black flannel and dotted. Around his next are red and green tulle. This Christmas Elephant is sitting on a paper mache box that is hand painted and weighted. This doll measures 11 inches tall. This Christmas Elephant was created using a pattern by I'm Seeing Raggedies.As with all my dolls this Elephant is made to collect and love for years to come. This is not a toy. This is a One of A Kind Art Doll.
Price - $20.00

Primitive Santa with Trimmed Tree with Oak Base Christmas Holiday Art Doll
This is a One of a Kind set I created using a Santa pattern from Threadbare Primitives. The tree is my own pattern design.Santa is made from tea stained muslin with a hand painted face is the Shweet Potato style. His hair and beard are lambs wool that is needle felted onto his head. Santa is wearing a jacket and made from red osnburg and his pants and hat are made from a plaid homespun fabric. His trim is made from warm and natural fabric. His mittens and boots are painted black and he has a rusty bell on the tip of his hat. Santa is boxed bottomed to sit nicely. Sitting he measures 10 inches and standing he is 13 inches. He will not stand without help.The base is made from a 11 inch piece of Oak Flooring that I sanded and painted to look like wood floor in a house. I then sealed it. I added a tree on one end that measures 14 inches tall and 6 inches wide at the widest. The tree is made from green on green cotton chevron plaid that is stuffed, I hand sewed a silver trim with red and white fluff balls round it for accents. The entire tree is accented so you may display Santa any direction or you can display any other Holiday doll on this oak base as well. Please note that my dolls are ART DOLLS are NOT for playing with, They are for collecting so are for ages 13 and older,I will ship International but you will need to convo me with your complete mailing address so that I can get a shipping " for you and set up a listing just for you.
Price - $45.00

Hand Painted Pumpkin Man Cloth Doll
Zoe and Ducky created this fun Pumpkin Man using a pattern by Dolls and Daydreams. Zoe cut out all of the felt pieces and did all of the stuffing and Ducky did the hand painting. Zoe also did the hand sewing .This Pumpkin guy was created using orange cotton fabric with a really fun green cotton print for his legs. His face is made from felt that Ducky machine stitched on. The hair is green dotted ribbon. Ducky free hand painted vines on the front as well as the back of this guy. There are also stars because well he shines brightly wouldn't you say. This Pumpkin Man measures 10 inches tall and his paint is heat set so he is safe for kids of all ages...Young to old to love. This doll is one of a kind.
Price - $19.99

Primitive Flying Santa Red Door Hanger
This is an original Shweet Potato Dolls N Pattern Cloth Doll. This doll's face and arms are made from osnaburg. The nose is needle stitched and his eyes are hand stitched with brown crochet thread. Santa's body is made from a Christmas plaid homespun fabric with faux fur tirm around the end of his body and neck. Santa's legs are red cotton and hat is made from red fleece. He has a rusty bell on the tip of his hat. Santa has been stained with walnut ink stain and baked in the Texas sun. Santa's hair and beard are made from cream lamb's wool that I needle felted on. Santa is holding a red flannel sack tied off with a green and red string of tinsel. This Santa measures 16 inches long by 8 inches tall. The hanger is made from red and green tinsel and you can adjust how Santa fly by where you place the hanger on the nail or holder.This Santa would be perfect inside on a door or wall. Add him to a Holiday wreath for that original unique touch of the season. You can place him on an outside door as long as it is protected from the elements.As with all my doll this Santa is made to collect and love for years to come. This is not a toy.Santa will arrive at your home signed and dated.
Price - $25.00

Handmade Christmas Elf Girl Cloth Doll
Up for adoption just in time for the holiday season is this handmade Christmas Elf. She is an original Shweet Potato Doll Elf and is all ready to create all kinds of fun and mischief this holiday season and for years to come. She doesn't have a name and her magic has not been activated yet that doesn't happen until she has been given her name once she has been adopted.This Shweet Elf was created from natural muslin and has a hand painted face in the old fashion "Raggedy" style. Her legs are made from a striped cotton fabric and are wired so she can bend and hang all over the place. Her bloomers are bright red and her dress was created from a stunning Christmas fabric. On her head you will find a green hat that matches her big green bow on her skirt. She does have a jingle bell on her hat so watch her around little ones because the bell could be a choking hazard. And if you are wondering YES she does have cute pointed ears there in her red yarn hair. This doll measures 17 inches tall. I can add a hook to the back of her neck if you would like to hang her just let me know before I send her to you.This Christmas Elf could be for any age from little ones up to collectible as an Art Doll to those who love to collect dolls.
Price - $28.99

Handmade Original Shweet Potato Dolls Elf Cloth Art Doll Christmas Ornament Ornie
This is an original Shweet Potato Dolls Elf. He is my own design well a mixture of my design along with help from my grand daughter Zoebug who is 5. She gave me tips and help on what she thought a real Elf looks like and we came up with this Elf Art Doll.This elf is made from a red quilting fabric for his body and his face is natural muslin. We have hand painted his face and he has a 3-D nose. His ears are a mix of muslin and felt. His arms and feet are muslin that have been painted and yes you do see fingers and toes with green painted nails. He is sporting a black felt belt with a gold buckle. on the tip of his hat is a shinny red jingle bell.This little Shweet Elf is very Whimsical and would a great addition to your Christmas and Holiday collection. He has a hanger on the back of his head so he can hang on your tree or wall. He will not stand by himself, but love to hang around in corners or with other dolls. He does sit on shelves nicely.This Handmade Elf is One of A Kind a measures a tad over 7 inches tall.Please remember this Elf is a collectible item and not a toy so he is not for children under the ages of 12. If you would like other pictures please just email me.
Price - $34.99

Primitive Santa Bunny Raggedy Cloth Doll
Who says Santa can't be a Bunny? Meet Santa Bunny. This primitive cloth doll was created using a pattern by AnniesCupboards (she's here on Etsy). This Primitive Raggedy Doll was create from muslin that I aged using walnut ink stain. She has been stuffed very tightly and weighted so that she will sit on her boxed bottom. She has a hand stitched face and black buttons for eyes. She is wearing a dress made from a plaid checked cotton fabric. She is wearing bloomers made from a red cotton fabric. Her boots are black hand painted and they are topped in white faux fur. This Primitive Raggedy Santa Bunny Doll is wearing a pointy hat made from matching fabric from her dress, accented in faux fur and topped off with a rusty bell. She measures 19 inches tall.This Primitive Santa Bunny Doll is made to collect and love and is NOT a Toy to be played with. This doll is intended to collectors ages 13 and older.~~~If you are International and Interested in purchasing this item please email for a price " on shipping.~~~
Price - $20.00

Santa Primitive Cloth Doll Christmas Ornie
This is an original doll by Shweet Potato Dolls N Patterns. Shweet T Santa is made from a vintage inspired fabric. His face is made from a muslin that I stained with gingerbread tea and hand painted his nose and eyes. His hair and beard are all needle felted lamb's wool. This doll has 3 sizes of rusty bells down the center of his tummy and a rusty wire on the top of his head as a hanger. He measures 8 1/2 tall by 5 inches wide.This Primitive Cloth Doll is not made to play with but made to collect. This is for ages 13 and older.~~~If you are International and Interested in purchasing this item please email for a price " on shipping.~~~
Price - $18.00

Handmade Burlap Lace Primitive Country Cardinal Winter Christmas Wreath 15 inch
This handmade Burlap wreath would be perfect on your door not just for Christmas but all winter long. I would suggest this wreath but hung on a cover or protect door not exposed to direct weatherIt is made on a wire base and the burlap is covered in lace. For accent you will find a burlap and plaid poinsettia with wood bead accents in the center. The flower measures 7 inches. I created a handmade cardinal from red flannel with accents painted on a glass beads for eyes. The cardinal measures 7 inches.This wreath measures 15 by 15 by 5.(I created on of these for myself last year that my mother-in-law "borrowed" and never returned. LOL She kept it out all year long inside her home.
Price - $44.99

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