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We love to dabble in soaps and wax and from time to time we will write up a recipes or epattern that we liked the way it came out. YOU will find The Tarts or Melt ones in here.

These are melts/tarts that you use in a tea light burner or electric tart warmers.

Have fun and remember be safe when handling wax of any kind.

How to Make Crystalize Tarts or Melts
Sassy Kassy and I like to make soaps when she has time and Mom is having a good day. We decided to play around with some of our different waxes we picked up and some of our dried flowers and we discovered how to create beautiful tarts/melts that not only smell wonderful they look so pretty just sitting out. Melted or not these tarts are outstanding! This is for the Recipes not a finished product.No waiting for your Recipe to come in the mail. Buy now and instantly download your Recipe. YOU NEED ADOBE Reader to open and print our E-patterns/Recipes. This Recipe may be created and the finished item sold on eBay, at craft shows, on your own website as long as credit is given to the pattern/Recipe maker. YOU may NOT resell this pattern/Recipe anywhere.
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