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We love to dabble in soaps and wax and from time to time we will write up a recipes or epattern that we liked the way it came out. YOU will find The Tarts or Melt ones in here.

These are melts/tarts that you use in a tea light burner or electric tart warmers.

Have fun and remember be safe when handling wax of any kind.

How to Make Crystalize Tarts or Melts
Back in the day, my youngest daughter and I would experiment in soups and wax tarts. We really enjoyed wax because I loved to use wax tarts myself so we decided to play around with some of our different waxes we picked up and some of our dried flowers. We discovered how to create beautiful tarts/melts that not only smell wonderful they look so pretty just sitting out. Melted or not these tarts are outstanding! This is for the Recipes not a finished product.No waiting for your Recipe to come in the mail. Buy now and instantly download your Recipe. YOU NEED ADOBE Reader to open and print our E-patterns/Recipes. This Recipe may be created and the finished item sold on eBay, at craft shows, on your own website as long as credit is given to the pattern/Recipe maker. YOU may NOT resell this pattern/Recipe anywhere.
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